So What’s Intelligent Compaction all about?

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Well, it’s no secret that BOMAG has led the field in pushing the boundaries of compaction technology for the last 60 years and they show no signs of stopping now.

With their latest release of new technology comes a combination of systems that work together to deliver ‘Intelligent Compaction’. This allows the machine operator to manually adjust the compaction force and direction as he rolls or alternatively through the use of new software (ASPHALT MANAGER 2 OR VARIOCONTROL) this can be done automatically to a set specification, saving time, money and delivering an overall improvement on quality assurance.

All of this information is fed straight back to the user via the ‘Economizer’ or ‘Terrameter’ which is situated in front of the operator. It can display a whole host of information such as soil stiffness, machine vibration frequencies and travel speed. This is all tied together with an easy to use traffic light system for achieving the correct compaction level

And don’t worry it’s not like new technologies normally are when they’re first released it’s been tried, tested and proven across projects all over Europe on civil engineering, major road, major rail and major infrastructure projects.

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