Chippindale & Volvo Create Unique Safety Feature

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We have been working with Morrisons Utility Services and Volvo Construction GB to come up with a unique safety system for over 60 brand new excavators which prevent the inadvertent operation of controls, thus significantly cutting out large elements of risk.

This latest batch of sixty Volvo EC18Ds and three ECR50Ds has been equipped with unique, factory fitted safety features to satisfy MUS’ requirements. “Our aim is always to significantly reduce and preferably eliminate elements of risk in all areas of our operations,” explains Jeremy Harrison, MUS Director of Plant and Fleet Services. “One major area of concern is the inadvertent operation of machine controls by our operatives working on site. This could be the accidental use of machine controls such as clothing brushing against servo levers or even a deliberate shortcut. We, therefore, challenged Chippindale Plant and Volvo Construction Equipment to devise a system that eliminated these scenarios,” he continued.

The result was that each time an operative lifts the left-hand console or leaves the seat, the switch must be depressed again to re-activate the system. It means, for example, if the operator stands up to look into the trench being dug, an accidental, uncontrolled movement of the machine cannot occur when the operative sits back down.

“We see these safety features as a significant improvement towards the safety of our operatives and the safety of other personnel on site,” says Jeremy Harrison. “Having these features on this latest batch of machines has already proved very positive with our major contracts. Both Chippindale and Volvo have designed a unique solution which is now a factory fitted option to the point the modus operandi for the operator is included in the operator’s manual,” he continues.

“Volvo Construction GB and Chippindale Plant have stepped up to the mark in helping us achieve our goals” – Morrison Utility Services

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