This dumper has superior speed and the capacity…

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For bigger sites, especially with rough terrain choosing to hire a Hydrema 912F over a site dumper certainly isn’t a bad choice. Its actually proven to move twice as much spoil as a 9T dumper on a standard shift, essentially doing the job of two site dumpers with only one operator.

This is down to a few things. Firstly, the Hydrema is a true 10T machine and with a full load has twice the ground speed as a site dumper. It also has intelligent systems that allow it to move quickly over very tough terrain put simply it goes places a site dumper can’t.

Secondly, due to its design, the operator doesn’t need to leave the comfort of the cab for loading or unloading the skip. It also keeps your operators focused on the job with full aircon and brilliant visibility from the cab (meets all ISO visibility standards).

As always saving the best till last, its safety features are some of the finest in the industry with a fully rops fops cab and a multitude of cameras for hazard detection.

The above really are only a handful of the features this machine showcases, so if you’d like to know more just get in contact via the enquiry button. But as always we’ll be honest with you, there are situations where site dumpers are the best choice; however if you happen to be on a large site with big travel distances, tricky terrain, safety requirements or have a tight deadline the Hydrema will really come into its own, and cost wise provides great value.

If you’d like to know more about the Hydrema, try it out or are just generally considering whether it would be of benefit to your job, please just drop us a quick enquiry above.

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