Hire Guard Insurance Request – New Account Customer

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Section A - Customer Details

Section B - General Information

Section C - Insurance / Loss History

Section D - Principal HireGuard Exclusions

  • Excess. Maximum £500
  • Continuing hire charges are Consequential loss
  • Recovery costs as a result of accidental immobilisation
  • Breakdown, Wear and Tear or Wilful Act
  • Loss or damage to cutting edges (other than diamond cutting systems), tools, trailing cables, flexible pipes other than:
    a) when such loss or damage results during operation of the complete item of Insured Property
    b) when such loss or damage results from the total loss of the complete item or items of Insured Property
    c) when such attachment is a separate item specified on a Contract Note
    d) when it is a standard part of the equipment package supplied and cannot in normal circumstances be omitted from such equipment package
  • Materials Treated - loss or damage caused by or arising out of materials treated by insured plant or by foreign bosies entering the plant with such material
  • Loss or damage whilst in or on a vehicle unless:
    a) all doores are locked and windows/openings are closed and securely fastened whilst unattended
    b) property is securely mounted or fixed to the vehicle or kept in a asuitable container whilst in transit
  • Inventory Losses
  • Fraud or Dishonesty