New Innovations, Back Blade Ground Protector!

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We’re always looking for ways to improve and innovate here at Chippindale’s only earlier in the year we helped develop an innovative new safety feature with Volvo. Well, we’re back! But this time it’s all us.

The “Back Blade Ground Protector” is a quick, easy to use addition to an excavator that can be applied to the back blade to reduce digger blade damage to zero. Perfect for highway work, ground work, asphalt work and much more – we’ve pushed this out and had it tested by a large utility company who has now rolled it out throughout their fleet. It pays for itself in around six weeks and has a lifespan well over two years, not only that; it won a silver award for innovation in the UK.

“Simple and effective” was the response we got from the last training session. So if this is something that you feel may be of value to you, let us send you over some details, and maybe we can save you some money too!


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