Mecalac VT Sensorvision is here!

Call our Head Office on 0113 263 2344

Our dealers Mecalac have yet again taken the site dumper industry to a new level, with the addition of Vision Techniques (VT) innovative safety system “SensorVision” (as featured on the BBC), its an award winning hazard detection technology that uses a radar to prevent any collisions by alerting the user.

It’s a common problem within the dumper industry that with a full heaped load the operator can suffer impaired vision of whats directly in front of the dumper, this is where SensorVision works by feeding information to a screen by the steering wheel; giving the operator peace of mind that he isn’t going to collide with any people, vehicles or objects on site.

Its been described by industry experts as a “Game changer”.

The system is unique to Mecalac dumpers and we’re lucky to have the honour to represent the leaders in dumper technology.

If you’re interested and would like to come down to our Leeds depot, we can give you a full demonstration of how it works, the benefits and a great price!


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