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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll try find it - CLICK HERE


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Atlas Copco Air Tools (Tex Tools) For Sale

As an official Atlas Copco dealership, we have the pleasure of offering some very competitive prices for Air Tools for compressors.

Atlas Copco has a large range of specialised air tools that can be used with a compressor or power pack.

Within the Tex Tool range, we feature three highly respected tools of the trade; the new updated version of the Impact Wrench, Needle Scaler and Chipping Hammer.

  • – The Atlas Copco Chipping Hammer is ideal for all material removal tasks and is very popular within the construction industry due to its robust, high productivity.
  • – The Atlas Copco Impact Wrench, is highly durable and made to a premium standard. It has been designed to minimise strain on the user while providing high performance and rapid tightening.
  • – The Atlas Copco Needle Scaler, is ideal for removing welding slag, rust or paint from steel structures. It’s easy to handle, low maintenance and will last you for years.

If you’re unsure which tool is best suited to your projects, just let us know we can analyse your use-cases and make a recommendation from Atlas Copco’s large portfolio of specialised tools.

If you’d be interested in finding out more or getting a quick quote to improve your productivity, just click claim now and our Director will send over a quick no-obligation quote.

We can provide:

  • – Fast Delivery (1 week or less)
  • – Competitive Pricing
  • – Multi-Discount Pricing
  • – Official Dealer Servicing & Warranty
  • – Our Award-Winning After-Sale Service


Our Plant Sales division can sell to anywhere in the united kingdom (or the world); although if you are near Leeds, feel free to come and browse our Atlas Copco Tex Tools from our plant sales compound.

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