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Atlas Copco Two-Tool Compressor Offer – Whilst Stocks Last

As an official Atlas Copco dealership, we have the pleasure of offering an exceptional deal on the Atlas Copco XAS 58s compressor.

Buy this market-leading two-tool compressor before the end of July 2021, and receive a breaker (worth up to £950) completely free of charge.

Atlas Copco has been the market leader for compressors globally for many years and these new compressors are excellent pieces of kit.

The brand new Atlas Copco XAS58s is their brand new two-tool compressor, and it’s breaking all the records. It’s:

  • Stage V Compliant (with the smallest carbon footprint yet)
  • Lowest fuel consumption
  • It can comfortably run two 25kg road breakers
  • Its compact size allows you to invest in a smaller machine yet gain productivity
  • Comes with Atlas Copco’s world reknowned reliability
  • Comes with Chippindale Plants award winning after-sale service.

Alongside the compressor, we also have a whole range of pneumatic breaker options to pair up with it. These include:

  • Tex 230Pe (medium breaker, top performer)
  • RTEX 25 & 15 (extremely low fuel consumption, same power as a heavy breaker)
  • TEX 02. 05PE. 07PE. 09PE, 12PE, 03PS, 05P, 09Ps & 12PS KL(leading range of TEX chippers, for light work)

All of the above pneumatic breaker options, are the latest in tech from Atlas Copco and out-perform their nearest industry competitors.

If you’re unsure which tool is best suited to your projects, just let us know we can analyse your use-cases and make a recommendation.

If you’d be interested in finding out more or getting a quick quote, just click claim now and our Director will send over a quick no-obligation quote.

We can provide:

  • – Fast Delivery (1 week or less)
  • – Competitive Pricing
  • – Multi-Discount Pricing
  • – Official Dealer Servicing & Warranty
  • – Our Award-Winning After-Sale Service

Our Plant Sales division can sell to anywhere in the united kingdom (or the world); although if you are near Leeds, feel free to come and browse our Atlas Copco Tex Tools from our plant sales compound.

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