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Mecalac MDX Cabbed Dumper Range In Stock

The highly anticipated MDX range of cabbed dumpers from Mecalac is finally here. We have them in stock at our Leeds Head Office.

If you’d like to come down we will happily allow any prospective buyer to test them out and we’ll give a full tour of the features along with any questions you may have, you can get in contact by clicking the claim now button below.

The MDX range of cabbed site dumpers from Mecalac have quite literally been designed from the ground up, which instantly sets them apart from the crowded market of ‘retro-fit’ style cabbed dumpers being sold. By applying ‘Mecalac Innovation’ the MDX range has created a cab that changes everything.

In terms of features, the safety of users was non-negotiable whatever the cost and this can be clearly seen throughout, applying new technology to keep workers safe. Speed, productivity and environmental improvements were the next targets and it’s clearly safer, faster, cheaper and more efficient than any other dumper on the market, there is no equivalent.

With the site dumper being named the most dangerous item of machinery periodically on a construction site (construction index), it’s no surprise regulations are tightening and cabbed dumpers are becoming the new norm.

Get ahead of the game; test drive an MDX today.

Claim now for the product data sheet, new feature lists, to organise a demo, to get a quote.

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