MK15 Multi Processor

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MK15 Multi Processor


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The all new MK series multi processor offers incredible versatility by allowing for the use of 6 interchangeable jaw kits, which can be safely and efficiently changed in under 5 minutes. Designed for speed and power this all-in-one tool is essential for any demolition fleet.

  • Available for excavators 18 to 35 tonnes

  • Innovative hydraulic quick changing system

  • Change jaws in under 5 minutes

  • Interchangeable teeth, can be easily replaced

  • Eliminates hours of potential lost productivity

  • Saves the cost of having to hire multiple attachments


Weight 1900kg
Oil Flow 150 - 250 l/min
Operating Pressure 350 bar
Cutting Force (upper blade) 225T
Closing Cycle 1.6 seconds
Opening Cycle 1.7 seconds
Max Jaw Opening 740 mm
Jaw Depth 615 mm


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