Kinshofer Clam Shell Digging Bucket

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  • Clamshell bucket with exchangeable shells (excavator attachment), available for hire
  • Kinshofer CV18 Clamshell Digging Bucket, available for hire.

Kinshofer Clam Shell Digging Bucket



The Kinshoffer clamshell bucket is ideal for use in trench digging, loading material, handling of logs and much more. Its clamshell design makes it perfect for digging and handling material in confined spaces (under bridges, or in tunnels, for example).

For productive digging, this clamshell bucket attachment has a high breakout force, allowing it to shift more material in less time. It also comes with multiple torsion-resistant shells, ensuring that it can withstand long periods of use on demanding sites.

Altogether, this clamshell bucket features:

  • A narrow design (for use in restricted spaces)

  • High breakout force (easy and efficient digging)

  • Full 360-degree rotation (precise excavation, handling, and loading)

  • Torsion-resistant shells (high durability)

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