Epiroc HC450 Compactor Plate

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  • Compactor Plate Excavator Attachment for 10 tonne excavator, available for hire.

Epiroc HC450 Compactor Plate


Hydraulic compactors are designed for compacting soil, trenches and embankments, as well as driving in and pulling out posts and formwork. Excavator-driven soil compactors work quickly, economically and are easy to operate.


The Epiroc HC450 compactor plate attachment is the smallest of our hydraulic compactor attachments and is designed for use on 4 to 9 tonne excavators – such as our Volvo ECR 88D. It is ideal for the compaction of angled and hard to reach surfaces – such as embankments – driving in and pulling out posts, and compacting trenches.

This hydraulic compactor is optimised for safety. Primarily, there is no need for operators to stand directly in the workspace, as with rollers and other methods, making it particularly handy for high-risk areas or in narrow trenches.

This tool also utilises overload protection by controlling the integrated flow rate and pressure control, making it much safer for operators and surrounding personal, especially when using the compactor plate with different carrier machines.

Finally, this compactor attachment allows for a very simple set up, simple positioning, low noise output levels, and optimised force distribution, making this attachment a highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and reliable tool for any construction site.

Epiroc (previously Atlas Copco) have a long history of providing industry-leading excavator attachments. That’s why this Epiroc HC450 includes:

  • Improved force distribution (higher performance and reduced plate wear)

  • Simple positioning on difficult terrain (such as embankments)

  • Overload protection (safe operation)

  • Low noise levels

  • Permanent lubrication (no interruptions to work)

  • Simple set-up (no need for planking and strutting)

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Unladen Weight 430 kg
Pressure 150 bar
Working Width 610 mm
Working Length 929 mm
Impact Frequency 2200 blows/min
Oil Flow 76 l/min

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