Excavator Mulcher (Flail Mower) 5 – 9 Tonne For Hire

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Excavator Mulcher (Flail Mower) 5 – 9 Tonne For Hire


If you’re looking to hire an excavator mulcher, also known as an excavator flail mower this top of the range Cangini mulcher is one of the most efficient and reliable on the market. This model is ideal for mini diggers, midi diggers or excavators in the 5 to 9 tonne range.


This Cangini excavator mulcher (also known as an excavator flail mower) complements 5 to 9 tonne excavators (like our Volvo ECR 88D, for example) and is perfect for tree removal, clearing thick vegetation in hedges, removal of brushwood, site clearance, or in the maintenance of urban green spaces.

Firstly, this flail mower is built for heavy-duty applications and long periods of use. This is due to its reinforced body with a double bottom that can protect the mulcher from collisions and torsional forces, ensuring that it keeps working efficiently. It also utilises heavy-duty dual rotation blades that can cut through thick vegetation with ease while reducing the likelihood of malfunction.

Due to the nature of this machine, various hazards present themselves such as flail motion, collisions, and pressure overloads. As such, this mulcher attachment makes use of protective chains, a special anti-shock shielding system, and an integrated valve unit that protects the mulcher from overloads.

Finally, this excavator mulcher has one key advantage over traditional tractor style mulchers in that your operators have the ability to work at a variety of heights and angles allowing them to more precisely control their work as well as affording them the ability to more efficiently carry out work on embankments, drainage ditches, and hedgerows that are difficult to reach.

Altogether, this Cangini 5 – 9 tonne excavator includes:

  • Self-levelling (within 10 degrees)

  • Protective chains (reduces the hazard of flail motion)

  • Special anti-shock shielding system (protecting the roller bearings against collisions)

  • Optimised performance (can remove trees in seconds)

  • High-speed reinforced dual rotation blades

  • A heavy-duty body with a double bottom (excellent resistance during heavy use)

  • An integrated valve unit (optimises engine performance)

  • An anti-cavitation valve block (stops back pressure damaging the hydraulics)

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If you're unsure whether this is the correct mower attachment to hire, we can conduct a project audit and provide a recommendation to you within minutes.

Unladen Weight 412 kg
Length 830 mm
Width 1300 mm
Height 575 mm
Carrier Weight 5 - 9 Tonnes

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