The Cruncher (Pile Cropper)

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The Cruncher (Pile Cropper)


The cruncher is the worlds fastest pile breaker, specifically designed to break piles up to 350mm square. Cleanly cuts piles and retains the debris within the body of The Cruncher, allowing for easy disposal.


The Cruncher is a highly efficient pile cropper (also known as a pile breaker or pile cutter) that can complement excavators 13 tonnes and above (such as our Volvo EC140DL). It is specifically designed for the reduction of concrete piles up to 350mm square and is perfect for use in all areas of the construction industry, as well as in landscaping, demolition, and quarrying.

This pile cropper has a high breaking force making it one of the fastest in the industry. Its cropping action is also very clean and efficient due to its ability to retain the debris within its body for easy disposal. This, naturally, allows you to meet your deadlines quicker and with the confidence of a quality result.

Moreover, The Cruncher has a durable construction allowing it to withstand the rigours of any modern construction site and ensuring lasting reliability for your operators, enabling them to complete their tasks with little stress.

Altogether, this pile cutter features:

  • A high breaking force (for efficient cropping)

  • The ability to retain debris in the body for simple disposal (in a dumper, for example)

  • Durable construction

  • Small size and lightweight design (easy to use in compact spaces)

  • Quick and simple set-up

  • The ability to cut reinforcing bars or leave them intact

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Unladen Weight 700 kg
Capacity 350 x 350 mm

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