MB Remu Blade Screening Bucket for 8- 14 tonne Excavator

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MB Remu Blade Screening Bucket for 8- 14 tonne Excavator




This Remu Blade screening bucket is designed for use with 8 to 14 tonne excavators and is ideal for waste handling (demolition waste, for example), recycling, composting, backfilling, pipeline covering, or top soil cleaning.

Remu Blade screening buckets utilise robust aggressive counter blades that efficiently push coarse material through the screen to make it finer. Precision comb counter blades then do the work of screening and separating the material with very little chance of malfunction and downtime.

Moreover, its blade screen technology offers superior efficiency with top soil, compost, and peat, while the cleaning scrapers prevent clogging, allowing the attachment to effortlessly handle moist material and deliver high quality screening.

The attachment’s sturdy HARDOX steel body and wear-resistant steel rotators contribute to this tool’s excellent reliability, even during long working hours. We also supply the crossover bucket (XO), which uses unique technology to allow for quick and simple changes between different modules. This allows for high quality processing when working with various different material types.

On top of this the Remu Blade screening bucket features:

  • Robust counter blades (for continual processing)

  • HARDOX steel body (durability for any demanding site)

  • Wear-resistant steel rotators

  • Cleaning scrappers (prevent clogging)

  • Optimal ratio between the mass and volume of the bucket

  • Ability to complement 8 – 14 tonne excavators

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Unladen Weight 1230 kg
Width 119 cm
Height 190 cm
Carrier Weight 8 - 14 tonne


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