Dawson EMV 220 Sheet Pile Driver to fit 7-22 Tonne Excavator

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  • Dawsons EMV 220 Sheet Pile Driver excavator attachment, available for hire.

Dawson EMV 220 Sheet Pile Driver to fit 7-22 Tonne Excavator


Dawsons sheet pile drivers ave been designed specifically to drive and extract piles. The pile can be lifted to a vertical using the built-in lifting chain where it is then gripped tightly in a powerful hydraulic jaw.


The Dawson EMV 220 sheet pile driver complements 7 – 22 tonne excavators (such as our Volvo ECR 88D) and is specifically designed to drive and extract sheet piles, as well as steel beams and girders. Excavator pile drivers, like this one, are a highly effective solution on a construction site that may not offer suitable access for a large dedicated piling rig.

Firstly, this sheet pile driver is simple and fast to set up, allowing your operators to easily attach it to an excavator and get straight to work. Its powerful hydraulic jaw offers a stable and reliable platform to grip and drive your piles and its universal grip will ensure accurate pile positioning.

Lastly, this pilling hammer utilises leading vibration technology, delivering a significantly faster driving time compared to competitors.

Dawson piling equipment is at the forefront of innovation and design. That's why this EMV 220 features:

  • A high power to weight ratio

  • Lower noise levels (great for urban use)

  • Slim design (enables driving between adjacent upstanding piles)

  • A built-in lifting chain (to lift to a vertical position)

  • High-frequency vibration (efficient piling)

  • Directional vibration (little is transferred to the excavator)

  • Universal grip (accurate pile positioning)

  • Quick and simple set-up

If you're looking for a sheet pile driver attachment in the North of England (UK), use the enquire now function next to this description. One of our excavator attachment experts will contact you as soon as possible.

If you're unsure whether this is the correct piling hammer attachment to hire, we can conduct a project audit and provide a recommendation to you within minutes.

Unladen Weight 525 kg
Pressure 350 bar
Frequency 3000 rpm
Centrifugal Force 220 kN
Dynamic Mass 370 kg
Push/Pull Force 7500 kg

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