Trevi Benne Steel Shear 12 – 20 Tonnes

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  • Steel Shear excavator attachment available for hire.

Trevi Benne Steel Shear 12 – 20 Tonnes




This Trevi Benne CS12RS steel shear (also known as a scrap shear) is designed for the quick and easy cutting of metal. It can be fitted to 12 – 20 tonne excavators (such as our Volvo EC140DL) and is ideal for use on modern demolition sites and in recycling, where it excels at dismantling structures made from metal plate, H and I beams, pipes, tanks, and more.

This tool is at home on any modern and hectic site due to the excellent durability from its Hardox steel casing and wear-plate. The cylinder stem is, therefore, completely protected, allowing for increased reliability and also improved visibility for your operators (due to the compact casing design).

Moreover, this scrap shear utilises a speed multiplier valve, contributing to a quick open and close motion for accelerated cycle times. This, of course, saves valuable time-on-site and allows you to meet your demolition deadlines. A pin adjustment system contributes to this by ensuring less stress is placed on the jaw, while also preventing jamming, greatly reducing the risk of potential downtime.

Trevi Benne have a 25-year history of innovation in the excavator attachments industry. That’s why this CS12RS steel shear features:

  • A high shearing force

  • A speed multiplier valve (for fast cycle times)

  • Hardox steel casing and wear plate

  • Reversible and adjustable blades by means of shims

  • 360 – degree rotation

  • Pin adjustment system

  • Capability to fit 12 – 20 tonne excavators

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Unladen Weight 1180 kg
Length 2300 mm
Width 570 mm
Oil Flow 150-250 l/min
Carrier Weight 12 - 20 tonne


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