Trevi Benne F18RD Fixed Pulveriser to fit 18 – 25 tonne Excavator

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  • Trevi Benne Pulveriser F07RD excavator attachment for hire.

Trevi Benne F18RD Fixed Pulveriser to fit 18 – 25 tonne Excavator


Manufactured with increased power and durability using state-of-the-art technology. Designed for both demolition work, concrete reduction and material sorting.


The Trevi Benne F 18RD fixed pulveriser is the largest pulveriser in our hire range and is compatible with 18 to 25 tonne excavators. This makes it suited to demolition work on larger sites where these excavators can operate efficiently.

Due to this pulveriser attachment being the largest in our hire fleet, it offers a large jaw opening platform (825mm) for handling and crushing larger pieces of concrete in a single cycle. This makes it more efficient for jobs that require your operators to process large quantities of demolished material.

Contributing to this efficiency is the attachment’s integrated speed up valve, which allows for quicker jaw operation and faster cycle times.

Finally, its particular ‘hook’ shape means that it is highly versatile on the ground making it perfect for secondary groundwork, the destruction of reinforced vertical structures (such as boundary walls), and the separation of concrete from rebar.

Trevi Benne have a 25-year history of constructing hard-wearing and efficient excavator attachments. That's why this Trevi Benne F 18RD fixed pulveriser includes:

  • Large jaw opening (825mm)

  • Hardened teeth (lasting durability)

  • Bolt-on tooth style for simple attachment and detachment

  • Integrated speed-up valve (faster working cycles)

  • Unique ‘hook shape’ (increased versatility for multiple applications)

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Unladen Weight 1990 kg
Length 1845 mm
Width 540 mm
Clamp Force 93 tonnes
Jaw Opening 825 mm
Steel Cutting Width 260 mm

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