Epiroc MB1200 Heavy Breaker

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Epiroc MB1200 Heavy Breaker


Combining superior efficiency and performance with high durability and low impact on the environment.


The Epiroc MB1200 is the smallest of our medium hydraulic breakers and is specially designed to complement excavators weighing around 15 to 26 tonnes. This makes it ideal for preliminary work (road and ramp levelling, for example), secondary rock breaking on construction sites and quarries, as well as trenching, tunnelling, recycling or many other applications.

We include this medium Epiroc breaker in our hire range due to its performance capabilities, economical operation, and durability. Firstly, this hydraulic breaker utilises an energy recovery system that automatically recuperates piston recoil energy to improve performance, lower fuel demands, and decrease vibration output.

Like other Epiroc breakers, this tool operates using very few moving parts – encased in a durable one-piece housing – equating to lower chances of malfunction and prolonged reliability.

Epiroc has over 50 years of experience crafting the best hydraulic breakers. That’s why this MB1200 medium breaker includes:

  • Vibro-silence system (low vibration and noise levels)

  • Auto Control (adjusts stroke length – optimising performance)

  • Auto Start and Auto Stop modes (easy positioning and blank firing protection)

  • Intelligent protection system (automatically optimises performance and chisel durability)

  • Hard-wearing precision parts

  • Hybrid technology (for constant high-impact energy)

  • Energy recovery (enhance performance and lower unwanted vibration)

  • Air inlet (for underwater or tunnelling work)

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Unladen Weight 1200 kg
Pressure 160-180 bar
Length 585 mm
Impact Frequency 340-680 blows/min
Oil Flow 100-140 l/min
Tool Shank Diameter 120 mm

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