Epiroc SB202 Light Breaker

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Epiroc SB202 Light Breaker


Combining superior efficiency and performance with high durability and low impact on the environment.


The Epiroc SB202 hydraulic breaker is specialised to work in conjunction with 2.5 to 6 tonne excavators (such as our Volvo ECR48C) and is perfect for the demolition of concrete and brick buildings, asphalt breaking in road construction and maintenance, and even preliminary work (e.g. bench, road, and ramp levelling) in mining and quarrying.

Epiroc breakers are recognised for their durable design and low chances of malfunction, resulting in a tool that is ideal for long durations of use on-site. They operate using very few moving parts that are protected by a resilient one-piece housing, contributing to a highly reliable construction and allowing your breaker to work longer and harder.

Moreover, this breaker is also very easy to attach to your machines using its patented tool locking system and simple to access connection ports, making the set-up of this tool simple, saving valuable time on-site.

This Epiroc SB202 hydraulic breaker has been designed upon 50 years of innovation. That’s why it features:

  • An energy recovery system (increased performance and reduced vibrations)

  • Hard-wearing precision parts

  • ‘SolidBody Concept’ (tough casing and reduced number of operating parts)

  • Automatic start (without applying load on the tool)

  • Blank firing protection

  • Patented tool locking system (simple and quick attachment and detachment)

  • Air inlet for tunnelling or underwater work

  • Optimised power to weight ratio

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Unladen Weight 200 kg
Pressure 100-150 bar
Length 727 mm
Impact Frequency 840-1800 blows/min
Oil Flow 35-66 l/min
Tool Shank Diameter 65 mm

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