MK20 Multi Processor

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  • Trevi Benne Multi Processor MK12 excavator attachment for hire.

MK20 Multi Processor


Designed for speed and power this all-in-one tool is essential for any demolition fleet.


The Trevi Benne MK20 is the largest of our multi processors and fits 25 – 35 tonne excavators. Its 6 interchangeable jaw kits give this tool the versatility to suit various demolition applications such as pulverising concrete, cutting through tough metals, demolishing reinforced structures, and many more.

Due to its greater size, this multi processor benefits from a larger jaw opening (880mm), meaning that it can handle larger pieces of concrete or thickness of metal in each work cycle. This, naturally, makes it more effective in tasks that require your operators to process greater volumes of demolished material.

The immediate benefit of hiring a well-built multi processor is the cost savings of not requiring multiple attachments. Trevi Bene multi processors also eliminate hours of downtime on-site due to their rapid jaw kit change time (under 5 minutes) and reliable construction. This can boost productivity on-site and allow you to meet your demolition deadlines with ease.

Trevi Bene attachments are built upon 25 years of innovation. That's why this MK20 multi processor includes:

  • An innovative hydraulic quick-changing system (without having to remove the structural pins manually)

  • 6 interchangeable jaw kits (changed in under 5 minutes)

  • Interchangeable teeth

  • A reinforced rotation motor (reduced chance of malfunction)

  • Manual adjustment of rotation speed

  • Speed multiplier valve (improved productivity)

  • A large jaw opening (880mm)

  • Ability to fit 25 – 35 tonne excavators

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Unladen Weight 1490 kg
Clamp Force 208 tonne
Jaw Opening 880 mm
Carrier Weight 25 - 35 tonne

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