Round Pile Croppers for 13 to 20 tonne Excavators

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Round Pile Croppers for 13 to 20 tonne Excavators


These powerful hydraulic pile breakers can be used to quickly and efficiently crop piles between 350 mm to 450 mm in diameter. Cropped piles are cleanly trimmed, leaving sound concrete and no cracks below the cut-off level.


Our round pile croppers (also known as pile breakers or pile cutters) are designed to fit 13 – 20 tonne excavators. They can crop piles between 350mm and 450mm in diameter making them ideal for use in demolition, quarrying, landscaping, and in all sectors of the construction industry.

These pile croppers ensure level and clean finishes when reducing your precast concrete piles, leaving a low chance of cracks below the cut-off level and no damage to any rebar.

Their durable construction means that they can withstand torsional strains and collisions, making them a reliable asset on busy, modern construction sites.

Finally, this pile cropper is quick and simple to attach, resulting in an efficient tool that lowers downtime while making the task of pile cropping stress-free for your operators.

Altogether, our round pile croppers feature:

  • Vibration free design

  • Durable construction

  • Easy set-up

  • Efficient and clean cropping

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