1″ Residue Pump

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1″ Residue Pump

£21.00 Per Day

Residue pumps are extremely useful due to their special ability to pump water down to a height of 1mm, ensuring that all the water is disposed of.


This 1” residue pump (puddle sucker pump) can pump water down to a height of 1mm and is ideal for the removal of residual water on construction sites, fully emptying swimming pools, cleaning up water from burst pipes, or removing flood water from cellars.

Our residue pumps are designed to start pumping at a very low water level and can run for prolonged periods of time unattended. They can also operate safely for extended periods of time even when there is little to no water, making them helpful for keeping water levels low on-site.

Moreover, this residue pump has a durable build quality that can withstand heavy use from operators who are working in demanding site conditions. They also utilise a lightweight design, making carrying and set-up very simple.

This puddle sucker pump includes:

  • 170 litres per minute pumping capacity

  • Pump water from puddles as low as 1mm

  • Safe for extended use

  • Lightweight design

  • Great build quality (good for heavy use)

  • Electric motor

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If you're unsure whether this is the correct pump to hire, we can conduct a project audit and provide a recommendation to you within minutes.


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