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Road Towable Bunded Fuel Bowser (1100 litres)

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  • 250g Western Global Road Towable Bowser, available for hire.

Road Towable Bunded Fuel Bowser (1100 litres)


1100 Litre (250 Gallon)double bunded fuel tank complete with hand pump, hose and trigger.


This 1100 litre road-towable fuel bowser, is manufactured by experts in the fuel tank industry Western Global who have been specialising in diesel bowsers and fuel storage solutions for years. It's for this reason we've included it within our plant hire fleet; you can expect a well thought out design with a premium build quality.

The bowser itself features a double bunded exterior to ensure it's robust enough for the modern construction site, while also having a low centre of gravity reducing the chance of tipping, making it safer for users and more reliable when transporting.

It is towable by any large car or van and has a simple pin-hitch for towing. It also comes with full load lifting eyes and fork pockets meaning loading onto trucks or moving the bowser around site is easy.

Other features include:

  • Hand pump, hose and trigger fitted under a lockable access hatch

  • Full load lifting eyes

  • Skid-mounted with full load lifting

  • Forklift pockets for easy transport

Ideal for standby power applications and for the refuelling of small equipment, this towable fuel bowser can comfortably supply up to 3 generators (feed & return) while also re-fuelling plant machinery at the same time.

All bowsers within our hire fleet meet all fuel storage regulations, all pollution prevention guidelines and are fully suitable for use on all modern construction sites.

Length 3150 mm
Unladen Weight 662 kg
Laden Weight 1684 kg
Bowser Capacity 1100 L
Trailer Yes
Bunded YEs

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