Road Towable Bunded Fuel Bowser (1100 litres)

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  • 250g Western Global Road Towable Bowser, available for hire.

Road Towable Bunded Fuel Bowser (1100 litres)


1100 Litre (250 Gallon)double bunded fuel tank complete with hand pump, hose and trigger.


This road-towable fuel bowser (1100 litre) was designed as an easy to use, portable fuel source for use on construction sites as well as in other applications such as outdoor events management and agriculture. It is the best option if you wish to quickly move fuel supplies across your site or between sites due to its trailer-mounted design.

Being the smallest of our three road-towable fuel bowsers, this bowser will be your most cost-effective option if you need to transport or store lower volumes of fuel. Due to its smaller size, it is also slightly more manoeuvrable than the larger towable bowsers in our fleet, making it also more suited to small urban construction sites and housing renovation projects.

On the topic of transport, it can be towed by any large car, van, or 4x4. However, if you have less space to position this tank on your site, it also has forklift pockets and lifting eyes so you can position it more precisely with a telehandler, forklift, or crane.

Like many of Western Global bowsers that we offer to hire, this towable fuel tank has a fully double bunded exterior (an inner tank with outer shell) to ensure strength, safety, and environmental compliance for any modern construction site.

Western Global have years of experience in providing the best fuel bowser design on the market. That's why this towable fuel bowser features:

  • Meets all fuel storage and pollution prevention regulations

  • Can be towed by any large car, van, or 4x4 that has a tow bar

  • Hand pump, hose and trigger fitted under a lockable access hatch (deter theft)

  • Forklift pockets and full-load lifting eyes (simple transport around site)

  • Skid-mounted with full load lifting

  • Comfortably supply up to 3 generators (feed & return) while also re-fuelling other equipment at the same time

  • Double bunded exterior (decreased chance of fuel leakage)

  • Compact dimensions (for increased manoeuvrability)

  • Low centre of gravity (reducing the chances of tipping)

Use the enquire now function to the right of this description if you're looking for towable fuel bowser hire in the North of England (UK). One of our bowser hire experts will contact you as soon as possible.

If you're unsure whether this is the correct bowser to hire, we can conduct a project audit and provide a recommendation to you within minutes.

Length 3150 mm
Unladen Weight 662 kg
Laden Weight 1684 kg
Bowser Capacity 1100 L
Trailer Yes
Bunded Yes

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