Bunded Static Bowser (4300 litres)

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  • 1000g Western Global Static Bowser with fork slots, available for hire.

Bunded Static Bowser (4300 litres)


4300 Litre(1000 Gallon) double bunded skid mounted fuel tank complete with 110v electric pump, hose and trigger.


This static fuel bowser (4300 litres) has the largest capacity of our static fuel bowsers and is ideal if you need to operate your diesel-powered machinery for longer periods of time and don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of frequent fuel deliveries. With this in mind, this fuel tank is perfect for medium to large construction sites that operate larger machinery or multiple pieces of diesel-powered equipment.

Storing higher quantities of fuel on-site is the most economical option for sites with highly productive diesel equipment. Doing so can notably reduce downtime, equating to less money and time wasted in getting your project completed. Transport of this fuel bowser around your site won’t waste any time either with its natural pattern forklift pockets, and full-load lifting eyes. Any suitable crane, telehandler, or forklift will be able to carry and place it with ease.

Akin to the other Western Global fuel bowsers in our hire fleet, this 4300-litre bowser features a fully double bunded exterior (an inner tank encased by a robust outer tank) to ensure that it is strong enough for the modern, hectic construction site. The double bunding also acts as a safeguard against fuel leakage, thus protecting your site and the environment.

This, coupled with its tough design and safety features, ensures that this static fuel bowser complies with all fuel storage and transport regulations in the UK and abroad.

From Western Global’s extensive experience in building fuel bowsers, this static fuel tank features:

  • Hand pump, hose and trigger fitted under a lockable access hatch (deter fuel theft)

  • Full load lifting eyes

  • Skid-mounted body

  • Forklift pockets and full-load lifting eyes (for easy transport)

  • Meeting of all fuel storage and pollution prevention regulations

  • Double bunded exterior (prevent fuel leakage)

  • A large fuel capacity – 4300 litres (for long and demanding jobs)

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Length 2900 mm
Unladen Weight 1450 kg
Laden Weight 5365 kg
Bowser Capacity 4300 L
Trailer No
Bunded Yes

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