Atlas Copco XAS 186 High Pressure Compressor

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  • Atlas Copco XAS 186 compressor, available for hire.

Atlas Copco XAS 186 High Pressure Compressor


Easy to use, operator and environmental safe, with a pin hitch for manoeuvring around site.


The XAS 186 is a robust high-pressure air compressor with a large free air delivery capacity, ideal for intensive jobs such as sandblasting, powering handheld rock drills (quarry) and general construction work. The XAS 186 was built to be robust and was designed to withstand the toughest working conditions, featuring three-layer protection across all bodywork.

It also has PACE an Atlas Copco invention, which is short for 'Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Elements'. This allows the user to choose a range of different compressed air pressures for a single unit ranging from 7 up to 14 Bar.

Multiple tools can be powered continuously and cost-effectively by the XAS 186 compressor and it's all controlled through a quick access panel. It also complies with all regulations including safety, exhaust emissions and noise.

Features include:

  • Three tool compressor (dependent on the pressure required per tool)

  • High working pressure (including the PACE system)

  • Hardhat canopy

  • Anti-air lock system for guaranteed starting

  • Lifting beam tested 4 times its weight

  • Strong undercarriage (spillage free)

  • Starter motor protection system

  • Compressor fitted with a reliable Deutz engine

  • Single axle and low weight, for easy transport with any large car or van (with a hitch)


Length 4356 mm
Unladen Weight 1883 kg
Pressure 12 Bar
Free Air Delivery 370 CFM
Width 1701 mm
Height 1661 mm

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