BarrOmix Commodore Cement Mixer

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  • Altrad Barromix Commodore Mixer, available for hire.

BarrOmix Commodore Cement Mixer


Barromix Commodore cement / mortar mixer available for hire.


The BarOmix Commodore cement mixer is the largest option in our selection of mixers and is ideal for mixing larger batches of mortar or concrete on small to medium construction sites.

This heavy-duty cement mixer is designed for prolonged periods of use, utilising its high-specification gearbox, durable chassis, reinforced drum, and reliable parts – contributing to this mixer’s ability to withstand challenging site conditions.

Moreover, this machine’s easy-to-use parking brake and foot-operated tip-lock will ensure high levels of safety for your operators. The large tip wheel will also offer your operators high degrees of control and safety, even with larger mixes of mortar or concrete.

This Baromix commodore cement mixer features:

  • A Heavy-duty steel chassis (durability on demanding sites)

  • Rigid and reinforced drum

  • Foot-operated tip lock (increased operator safety)

  • Large tip wheel (high degrees of control)

  • Parking brake

  • Sealed gearbox

  • Diesel engine

  • Gated paddle design (for high-quality mixing)

  • Study wheels (built for transport over tough terrain)

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Length 1700 mm
Unladen Weight 390 kg
Fuel Type Diesel
Width 780 mm
Height 1640 mm
Max Drum Capacity 150 Lt

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