Bomag 177DH-5 1.77m High Climb Self Propelled Roller

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Bomag 177DH-5 1.77m High Climb Self Propelled Roller


Bomag 177 DH-5 1.77 metre high climb self propelled roller available for hire. Essential for civil engineering, groundwork and building.


Bomag high climb rollers are efficient with their eco-mode function, which can lead to up to 30% less fuel consumption. Enhance your operators visibility with an excellent all-round view, improve their comfort with a spacious cab with sound and vibration insulation and a heater. No setbacks on slopes due to the rear diff being a NoSpin system with locking up to 100%, this means continuous forward drive, even if one wheel is off of the ground. With VARIOUCONTROL compaction the drum vibrates purely linearly instead of on a circular path. Amplitude can be adjusted manually or automatically. This system ensures maximum quality over minimum passes.

Length4540 mm
Unladen Weight7800 kg
Working Width1770 mm
Width1820 mm
Height2800 mm

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