Bomag 213 DH-5 2.13m High Climb Self Propelled Roller

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  • BOMAG BW213 Roller, available for hire.

Bomag 213 DH-5 2.13m High Climb Self Propelled Roller


Bomag 213 DH-5 2.13 metre high climb self propelled roller available for hire. Essential for civil engineering, groundwork and building.


The BOMAG 213 DH-5 213 high climb roller (self-propelled roller) is the larger and heavier of our two self-propelled rollers and its built for use on medium to large construction or repair projects. This machine is perfect for compaction of materials such as crushed rock, gravel, sand, and cohesive soils making it great for sub-base work in the construction of motorways, railways, landfill sites, or any other larger earthworks.

This roller is designed for work involving steep inclines and difficult terrain. In fact, with its high climb technology, it can negotiate inclines of 60% or more and offers reliable traction in both forward and backward drive. Moreover, this roller’s cab offers full 360-degree visibility making it safe to operate while also meaning drivers can easily see the drum edges for maximum accuracy.

The BOMAG 213 DH-5 also features Ecomode that will save you money as it can lower your fuel consumption by up to 30%, making this machine economical to use and kinder to the environment. This larger self-propelled roller also offers a greater compaction output than that of its smaller cousin, meaning that it can produce slightly better compaction results with fewer passes.

Additionally, this BOMAG self-propelled roller also features:

  • Hydrostatic travel and vibration drive

  • Hydrostatic articulated steering

  • No spin differential lock (continuous drive on tough terrain)

  • Single level control for travel and vibration

  • Noise insulated cab

  • Warning, information, and operation displays

  • Warning horn (for site safety)

  • BOMAG Ecomode (30% lower fuel consumption)

  • Adjustable seat with armrest

  • Working lights (front and rear)

  • Loading mode

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Length 5870 mm
Unladen Weight 14800 kg
Working Width 2132 mm
Vibrating Yes
Width 2270 mm
Height 2990 mm

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