Bomag BT60 Rammer

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  • BOMAG BT60 Rammer, available for hire.

Bomag BT60 Rammer


Bomag BT60 rammer petrol available for hire.


The BOMAG BT60 rammer (trench compactor) has been specially designed to compact the ground at the bottom of trenches when digging footings. It is highly efficient at compacting cohesive soils due to its small plate size but can also be applied to granular and mixed soils, as well as asphalt.

Also, this trench tamper is highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces, especially when compared to all other pieces of compaction equipment, which can’t match trench rammers for their compact dimensions and low weight. Contrasting against other compaction methods, this trench rammer delivers a much more focused and direct compaction, giving it the ability to compact deeper into the soil than most plate compactors.

This means that greater amounts of soil can be added to each layer, making the procedure of backfilling a hole or trench much quicker, saving you time and money. We feature these BOMAG trench rammers in our hire equipment range as they are lighter than many other models, making them easy to transport and operate. They also run on a reliable and efficient 4-stroke Honda engine, which is great for long periods of use with little chance of breakdown.

BOMAG are industry leaders in compaction technology. That’s why this trench compactor also includes:

  • A durable engine covering

  • High impact force (for maximal compaction)

  • Vibration insulated steering

  • Single point lifting device (for easy handling)

  • Powerful and reliable 4-stroke engine (petrol)

  • Lightweight design (57kg)

  • Self-cleaning air filter housing

  • Recoil starter

  • Variable frequency

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Unladen Weight 58 kg
Fuel Capacity 3 Lt
Working Width 230 mm
Frequency 10-11.8 Hz
Impact Force 15 kN
Area Coverage 276 m²/h

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