Double Beam Screed

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Double Beam Screed


An accurate and efficient way to compact and level concrete slabs, rafts and floors up to 150mm thick.


This double beam screed is an accurate and efficient tool to compact and level concrete slabs, rafts, and floors up to 150mm thick. It is ideal for domestic concrete laying jobs (such as driveways, patios, paths, etc) due to the minimal expertise required to use it effectively but it can also be applied to larger-scale projects due to its finishing quality.

Consisting of two beams, the tool compacts the surface with an intense vibration from the first beam and a softer vibration on the following beam to generate a smooth, even finish in a single pass.

Altogether, this double beam screed features:

  • Superior productivity (cover large areas quickly)

  • Self-drive vibration (save time and labour)

  • High precision (ultra-fine finishes)

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Unladen Weight 50 kg

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