Hydrema 912F Forward Control 10 Tonne Swivel Dumper

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  • Hydrema 912F Rear Tipping Dumper, available for hire.

Hydrema 912F Forward Control 10 Tonne Swivel Dumper


Hydrema 912F forward control swivel tip 10 tonne dumper available for hire. A truly unique combination of articulated center pivot, wide wheels and high ground clearance – for superior off-road performance.


The Hydrema 912F is a 10 tonne articulated dumper, it is a compact and agile dumper that has twice the max speed of a site dumper so for especially large sites or projects with large amounts of spoils this hydrema is the perfect option to hire.

These articulated dump trucks are renowned the world over for their safety features and incredible stability. Due to the dump trucks low centre of gravity, low ground pressure and intelligent hydraulic stablisation system means this 10 tonne dump truck can maintain a level skip when driving on a 32 degree incline (with load), or even a 40 degree incline (no load); making this the go-to choice for job sites with difficult terrain (hilly/boggy) as many site dumpers can struggle in these conditions.

The Hydrema 912F is a robust machine with a modern engine meaning it meets all emissions standards while also providing great fuel efficiency. The 912F due to its size and speed has been proven on larger sites to move twice the spoil as a site dumper meaning you can have less operators on site for the same job.

Key Features:

  • 6 Speed Fully Automatic Transmission

  • Intelligent Hydraulic Suspension

  • Low Centre Of Gravity

  • Low Ground Pressure

  • 4.5L Stage 4 Engine (Emissions Compliant)

  • Multiple Advanced Safety Features

  • Spacious and comfortable cab

Length 5950 mm
Unladen Weight 7270 kg
Width 2490 mm
Height 2750 mm
Payload 10000 kg
Power 147 bhp

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