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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll try find it - CLICK HERE

Poker Drive Unit and Vibrating Pokers

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  • A Poker Drive Unit, available for hire.

Poker Drive Unit and Vibrating Pokers

£22.00 Per Day

A portable, robust and compact drive system designed for heavy site use, providing effective air removal from concrete from a portable independent power source.


This Poker Drive Unit is a small compact engine that produce pressured air which creates a high-frequency vibrations in the concrete poker. The Vibrating Poker - Available in different sizes - is then inserted into freshly laid concrete to dislodge pockets of air and allows the air to escape. This is a fast and thorough way of preparing concrete to give the maximum finish satisfaction, strength and longevity.

The Poker Drive Unit has an added engine protection frame to increase durability and is fitted with a speed limitation to prevent the over revving of the engine, causing the poker to burn out. The independent power source is compact for easy transportation.

  • Portable 

  • Robust design 

  • Suitable for heavy site use

  • Preventative technology

  • Quick and efficient

  • Long-lasting results

  • Different sized Poker Heads Available

This equipment is suitable for industrial and commercial level projects as its durability allows it to be used directly on busy construction sites. This tool can also be used in domestic settings, for smaller concrete laying jobs, due to its convenient condensed size and transportability.

Unladen Weight 28 kg
Fuel Type Petrol
Power 5.5 bhp

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