Transcube 05TCG Stackable Bowser (500 Litres)

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Transcube 05TCG Stackable Bowser (500 Litres)


500 Litre(110 Gallon) skid mounted super compact and transportable fuel tank with hand pump, hose and trigger.


This super compact (500 litres) double bunded fuel tank comes ready to go with a hand pump, hose and trigger fitted under a lockable hatch.

It's also skid mounted, with full load lifting eyes and fork pockets to allow for easy transport; while being stackable when not in use to maximise space on site.

Ideal for stand-by power applications and refuelling small equipment, this bowser can supply up to 3 generators (feed & return) and re-fuel plant machinery at the same time.


Length1153 mm
Unladen Weight399 kg
Laden Weight860 kg
Bowser Capacity500 L

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