Tsurumi LB480 Submersible Water Pump

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Tsurumi LB480 Submersible Water Pump

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The Tsurumi LB480 Automatic is a lightweight yet extremely robust, compact submersible pump for site use where water contains a lot of sand and silt in suspension.


The Tsurumi LB480 is a submersible water pump, which specialises in pumping water that may contain a lot of sand, silt, or stringy material in suspension. This makes it perfect for wastewater drainage, sediment removal from basins or small sumps, or for use in decorative waterfalls and fountains.

This submersible water pump has a well-built continuous duty motor with thermal protection, making it ideal for extended periods of use. Also, its tough pressed steel body and strainer base contribute to this pump’s excellent wear resistance, suiting it for heavy use on demanding projects.

Automatic control of water levels can also be achieved with this pump’s float switch. This means that the pump can be left unattended, allowing you or your personnel to move on to other tasks. Finally, the built-in handle and lightweight design makes the transport and set up of this water pump simple.

Tsurumi specialise in pumping equipment. That's why this LB480 submersible water pump features:

  • Semi vortex impeller

  • Dual-position outlet port (avoid kinking with horizontal or vertical hose positions)

  • Lightweight design (for easy transport)

  • Float switch (automatic water level control)

  • Reliable motor with thermal protection

  • Hardwearing parts for maximum durability

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Unladen Weight 9.5 kg
Fuel Type Electric 110v
Width 190 mm
Height 286 mm
Max Liquid Output 25.2 m³/min

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