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Volvo L35G Excavator Loading Shovel

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  • Volvo L35G Loading Shovel for hire.
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Volvo L35G Excavator Loading Shovel


Volvo L35G 6 tonne excavator loading shovel available for hire.


This Volvo L35G loading shovel is designed for earthmoving on small to medium construction sites and is ideal for motorway construction, rail works, and building development projects. You won’t be able to find a more efficient machine due to its simple operation, traction on difficult ground, operator safety, and quality Volvo components.

Firstly, this Volvo front loader offers great manoeuvrability and traction when working in tough environments. It provides the best-in-class ground clearance (610mm/2’0” feet), a short turning radius, a powerful engine, and compact dimensions for its size. This allows it to be nimble and productive around construction sites that may feature lots of tight turns and uneven ground.

Ease-of-use and complete operator safety is also a major feature of this wheel loader. The Volvo Care Cab with its ergonomically designed controls, full 360-degree visibility, and array of safety technology means that any operator – even those with less experience – can utilise this machine to full effectiveness with maximum safety. Moreover, we feature this loading shovel in our plant hire fleet due to its versatility (with attachments such as buckets, forks, grapples, etc) durability, and the outstanding value it has given to many of our customers.

Volvo have extensive experience in the construction industry, that's why this LG35G includes:

  • The cosy Volvo Care Cab (perfectly designed dashboard and 360-degree visibility)

  • FOPS / ROPS certified Cab (Falling Object Protective Structure and Roll-Over Protective Structure)

  • Universal skid steer coupler (to connect to a wide range of attachments)

  • Articulated oscillating joint, 100% differential locks, and industry-unique portal axles (for manoeuvrability and traction on tough terrain)

  • Ground clearance of 610mm/2’0” feet

  • Quality Volvo components

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Length 2960 mm
Unladen Weight 5950 kg
Boom Height 2960 kg
Width 2960 mm
Height 2740 mm

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