Cable & Pipe Locator (cat 3)

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Cable & Pipe Locator (cat 3)

£26.00 Per Day

Locate Pipes and cables at a depth of 3+ meters below the surface,  ensuring that you know exactly what you’re on top of.


The CAT3+ cable and pipe locator can detect cables and pipes to a depth of 3 metres below the surface, ensuring that they are detected before they may be struck by your machines. Although regulations and guidelines insist that power cables are buried below a certain depth, you can't always be confident that they have been followed in the past.

An alert flashes on the locator’s display when power cables are detected near the surface. This is managed by the tool’s StrikeAlert™feature, which gives highly accurate and reliable alerts.

The CAT3+ is the top of the range so you will benefit from the most advanced features, including:

  • AvoidanceScan™ (sweep an area for power, radio and genny signals simultaneously, speeding up pre-dig surveys)

  • Detects to depths of 3m and over

  • StrikeAlert™ (accurate and reliable alerts)

  • ‘Real Sound’ (the sound you hear is derived from the signal radiating from the pipe or cable)

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