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Edging Sander

£15.00 Per Day


This edging sander is often used in conjunction with a floor sander and is designed to sand right up to edges that other sanders cannot reach. It generates a score-free finish on a wide range of solid wood surfaces that require rapid sanding and levelling.

Its specialised design and ABS disc guard allows it to sand up to edges while preventing any damage to mouldings and skirting.

Altogether, this edging sander features:

  • A powerful 1.5hp 4 pole (brush) motor (geared 3:1)

  • A dynamically balanced metal backed sanding pad

  • Integrated dust bag (simple control of dust levels)

  • ABS disc guards with bronze insert (prevent damage to skirting and mouldings)

  • Wheel castors (easy change of direction)

  • Storage of sanding pad wrench

  • High-power vacuum system

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