Floor Saw 14″ / 18″ 355mm / 458mm

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Floor Saw 14″ / 18″ 355mm / 458mm

£40.00 Per Day

Floor saws are the most cost effective method to putting a continuous line through concrete and masonry pavements, roads or motorways. Just walk along with the floor saw running to easily and cleanly cut through concrete and other masonry.


This floor saw is perfect for small road repair jobs as well as cutting small trenches for pipe laying or cutting in hard-to-access spaces. It is suited to continuous cutting through various materials such as concrete, asphalt, and masonry.

The lightweight and sturdy design make this floor saw easy to transport around site as well as providing a stable operating platform for simple alignment and straighter cuts.

Available with a choice of 355mm or 458mm (14”/18”) blades.

Features of this floor saw include:

  • Low vibration levels through the blade shaft mounting system (reduced fatigue and injury risk)

  • Adjustable handles (for comfortable working positions and easy alignment)

  • Front guide (for straighter cuts)

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