Heatwave Blackheat 3kW Infrared Heater

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  • Heatwave blackheat infrared heater

Heatwave Blackheat 3kW Infrared Heater

£15.00 Per Day

Infrared heaters work by heating up the objects in it’s light rather than the air, this saves electricity.


This Heatwave blackheat infrared heater (3kW) is ideal for temporary heating in a variety of medium to large spaces as well as being suited to drying paintwork and plaster in renovation projects.

As with all infrared heaters, it uses high-frequency heat waves that penetrate forwards rather than heating the surrounding air. This results in the heat directly affecting its target (people or objects) without any loss to the environment, making this heater highly efficient and cost-effective.

Altogether, this 3kw infrared heater features:

  • Sturdy wheels (for simple placement)

  • Simple controls

  • Constructed from high-grade heat-resistant materials

  • High energy efficiency when compared to other heating machines

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