Large Blue Hand Float (Bull Float)

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  • A Big Blue Hand Float for spreading concrete, available for hire.

Large Blue Hand Float (Bull Float)

£12.50 Per Day

Lightweight, long wearing and properly balanced magnesium bull float available for hire.


The Large Blue Hand Float (or Bull Float) can be used during the initial concrete finishing process to smooth over and finish freshly laid concrete, following screeding.

The tool consists of a flat magnesium board with rounded corners attached to a long handle. This is manually pulled over the flat surface to iron out ridges and create a consistently flat surface, giving the desired smoothness, texture and durability. The rounded edges of the float also prevent unwanted track marks.

  • Lightweight

  • Long wearing

  • Properly balanced

  • Easy to use

  • Easily transported

  • Exceptional finish 

The Large Blue Hand Float can be used by anyone who wishes to finish off concrete laying where end product is visible. Driveways, patios and sidewalks are a popular use for the Bull Float.

This tool requires minimal skill or knowledge and therefore can be used for domestic DIY jobs but also gives the ultra-fine finish that's desirable in professional concrete laying for commercial projects.


Unladen Weight 15 kg
Working Length 1220 mm

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