Paslode 1st Fix Nail Gun (51-90mm)

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  • Paslode 1st fix nail gun

Paslode 1st Fix Nail Gun (51-90mm)

£20.00 Per Day

For rapid nailing of timber frame structures, roofing, shuttering and fence erection, this portable gas powered nailer, or nail gun, drives 51-90mm nails quickly and safely.


This Paslode 1st fix nail gun (51 – 90mm) is a perfect tool if you need rapid and efficient nailing for timber frame structures, roofing, shuttering, and fences.

Safety and low risk of user fatigue is a key feature of this nail gun due to its excellent balance and lightweight design. It also enables use for extended periods due to its comfortable grip and quick-charge battery, allowing up to 9,000 shots per charge.

Altogether, this Paslode 1st fix nail gun features:

  • Multi-angled teeth (preventing sliding and increasing accuracy)

  • A non-slip soft-grip (comfortable operation)

  • Pinch and slide drive depth adjustment

  • Sequential trigger

  • Lock-out function (engages when only 3 nails remain)

  • 90min charge time

  • Fires up to 120/min

  • Lightweight construction and excellent balance

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