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Post Rammer

£7.00 Per Day

Deep set the post in the hole you just bored with an easy to use Atlas Copco post rammer. Perfect for driving light fences, tent stakes and ground rods.


This Atlas Copco LPD-T HBP post rammer is designed to deep set posts into pre-bored holes quickly and simply. It is perfect for driving light fences, tent stakes and ground rods and can also be used for driving road barriers, tubes, profiles, signposts, fences, and anchors.

All of Atlas Copco’s post drivers deliver powerful yet highly stable driving for most anchors and poles ranging from 40 to 100mm in diameter. This particular model also includes a remote valve that allows for increased reach.

Features of this Atlas Copco LPD-T HBP post rammer include:

  • Quick-release coupling tail hose

  • Powerful and stable post ramming

  • Can be run with both open or closed centre systems

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