Power Plane

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Power Plane

£14.00 Per Day

The planer for extremely high surface quality


  • Easy, precise and clearly legible depth of cut setting

  • Comfortable working due to chip clearance to left or right, as desired

  • 3 V-grooves for easy and flexible chamfering

  • Workpiece is protected thanks to parking rest

  • Lock-off switch for left-handers and right-handers

  • Planer blade and key depot

  • Handle and guide handle with softgrip

  • Complete with all accessories (tungsten carbide reversible blade, rebating width guide, rebating depth guide)

  • The highest surface quality due to ultra-sharp blades and constant speed, even when working in hardwood

  • The fastest and least expensive blade changes on the market due to durable Woodrazor reversible blades and the easiest possible adjustment

  • The longest lifetime due precise aluminium bearing seat and thermodynamic motor protection



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