Power Shear (14swg Steel)

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Power Shear (14swg Steel)

£17.50 Per Day

The steel shear head has close cutting heavy duty blades that quickly cut through sheet metal, spiral pipe, metal doors and metal studs. Double cutting action provides maximum sheet usage without burring or buckling the material. This shear is both portable for location usage and durable for daily shop operations.


This double cut power shear (14swg) utilises an efficient cutting action to quickly cut through sheet metal, spiral pipe, metal doors, and metal studs making it ideal for any metalworking application.

The double cutting action provides maximum sheet usage, leaving burr and buckle free edges that are ready to be finished.

Altogether, this power shear features:

  • Double cutting action (for maximum sheet usage)

  • Unobstructed visibility (for easy alignment and cutting accuracy)

  • Smooth, burr-free edges

  • Portable and durable construction

  • Versatility for numerous metalworking applications

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