Red Rad Quartz Halogen 3kW

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Red Rad Quartz Halogen 3kW

£20.00 Per Day

Infrared heaters work by heating up the objects in it’s light rather than the air, this saves electricity.


This Red Rad quartz halogen infrared heater (3kW) is suitable for both spot and room heating in spaces such as storerooms, workshops, industrial production lines, garages, offices, as well as, retail and leisure spaces.

Infrared heaters utilise high-frequency heat waves that penetrate through the air without heating it, meaning that more heat is directed at its target and resulting in quicker heating and higher energy efficiency. 

Features of this Red Rad quartz halogen infrared heater include:

  • A sturdy wheel-mounted frame (easy to move and position)

  • Robust construction (great for industrial and commercial use)

  • Low running costs (energy-efficient heating)

  • Easy set-up (plug-in switch-on operation)

  • Automatic operation (can be run unattended)

  • Safety switches (if the unit is knocked over)

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