Skip Loading Ramp

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Skip Loading Ramp

£5.00 Per Day

Wasted time is wasted money. Don’t waste time throwing spoils from your wheelbarrow into the skip. Get a skip loading ramp and get it done in a fraction of the time. Saving you time and therefore, money.


This skip loading ramp is the safest and most efficient way to unload spoils from wheelbarrows into skips.

It features hold-fast clamps and a fixed wheel trap, offering a highly stable platform for tipping while the non-slip trends provide a safe walkway for the barrow operator, even in wet conditions – thus providing an efficient solution to skip loading, saving time and money.

Altogether, this skip loading ramp features:

  • A robust and lightweight construction (for easy transport and reliable operation)

  • Hold-fast clamp (to anchor the ramp in place)

  • Wheel trap and pivot bar (for easy tipping)

  • Anti-slippage walkway (for safe tipping, even in wet conditions)

  • Eliminates the unsafe practice of using wooden boards

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