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£30.00 Per Day

VIKING tillers will get you through thick and thin. For many years, they have proved to be of great use to gardeners, cultivators and landscape gardeners.


This VIKING VH440 tiller is designed for tilling topsoil on vegetable plots and gardens. Naturally, this action loosens and aerates the soil while simultaneously uprooting weeds and removing other unwanted debris.

It utilises a powerful B&S 475 series engine with forward and reverse gear that drives the durable and sharp tiller blades. Coupled with its easy-to-use controls, this makes tilling with this machine both simple, quick, and effective, producing great results in less time.

Features of this VIKING VH440 tiller include:

  • Slim design (for work in confined areas)

  • Forward and reverse gears (for extra manoeuvrability)

  • 3.5HP engine

  • Adjustable and foldable handle (easier transport and storage)

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Working Width 420mm
Item Weight 39kg

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