Tirfor Winch Lift (3 Tonne/5 Tonne Pull)

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Tirfor Winch Lift (3 Tonne/5 Tonne Pull)

£24.00 Per Day

Manual ground winch for getting yourself out of sticky situations or, moving a heavy objects from a to b.


This Tirfor winch lift is designed for the lifting, pulling, and positioning of heavy loads, which can be useful for the positioning of beams on construction sites, laying lines and signals in rail work, felling trees in forestry, and many other applications.

It provides a lightweight, robust, powerful, and versatile lifting solution, making it perfect for daily heavy-duty applications in a variety of industries.

Simply connect the wire to a suitable ground anchor and the object you intend to move. Loop the wire back through the Tirfor winch and then use the crank lever to lift.

Features of this Tirfor winch lift include:

  • Sturdy and reliable metal construction

  • Easy installation

  • Lever operated

  • Can be positioned vertically, horizontally, and at an angle

  • 3 tonne lift and 5 tonne pull

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