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Signal Generator


The Radiodetection Genny3 signal generator operates on 33kHz and increases the flexibility of the CAT3 range of cable avoidance tools by allowing it to detect a signal directly connected or induced into a cable or pipe by the Genny3.


This Radiodetection Genny3 signal generator is designed to operate in conjunction with cable and pipe locator tools. It delivers a 33Hz signal to cables or pipes, allowing operators to use a detector tool to trace it along its length.

Two forms of signal output can be selected. Continuous output is required when using this signal generator in conjunction with the CAT3+ for depth indication, while the pulsed output is ideal for optimising the unit’s battery life.

Features of this signal generator include:

  • Switch for continuous or pulsed output

  • Connection mode earth socket

  • Audio indications

  • Low weight (easy to carry)

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